About Us

People who knew of me as a science teacher at Waiuku College often ask how I came to be working now as a complementary health therapist. So here is a very brief outline of my history and qualifications.

Born in Taumarunui (1949), I grew up on a sheep farm in the Ponga hills (located between Drury, Papakura, Hunua and Paparimu) and attended Papakura High School (1963-67). My Tertiary studies were at Auckland University (1968-72) where I completed an MSc (hon) degree, majoring in Zoology (Animal Behaviour and Ecology), with a little Botany, Chemistry and Psychology on the side. One year of teacher training followed and I was ready to begin teaching Science and Biology - at Waiuku College (1974).

Teaching was a stimulating, rewarding and satisfying career, but I also found it very demanding, and, particularly in the later years, much too stressful at times. After twenty seven years (approx) it became very clear that I needed a break and so I left the College to work on the Pickle Line at the Glenbrook Steel Mill (driving a crane amongst other things). The change was gigantic and during the following 18 months it became apparent I was not going to be able to adjust to shift work. Also, I found I was missing the challenge and stimulation of working with and helping people.

So I took up a new teaching position at Felix Donnelly College (2002), working with small classes of children in CYFS care – which proved to be very challenging at times. Then, out of the blue, I learned of an opportunity to study Brian Smart’s form of Bowen therapy in Pukekohe and my sister was booked in to do the course. I decided to keep her company, without seeing it as a possible new occupation at that stage – more as a new interest and something I might be able to do to help friends and family. Things just seemed to follow on naturally from that point.

So here I am now, working full time to help people heal and be free from pain. For me, it is easily as rewarding as teaching and I am enjoying the opportunity to work with people one on one.

The establishment of this website (April 2006) coincides with the opening of my new clinic at 265 Otaua Road, Waiuku