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  • Neck and Shoulder Problems

    Neck Pain and Other Injuries (SCENAR therapy)

    On July 1st 2008 I was involved in a serious truck crash which resulted in fractures to my hand, arm, ribs, spine (x3) and head injuries. I had my first SCENAR treatment on July 28th and found an immediate improvement in the range of movement in my neck and I was able to stand much straighter and maintain my balance. There was a marked decrease in the level of pain I was feeling. Subsequent treatments on August 4th and 8th consolidated these improvements and allowed me to enter into more active exercise which aided my recovery.

    Colin Hansen – Waiuku (August 2008)

    Shoulder Pain (SCENAR therapy)

    About 5 years ago I injured my shoulder.  I had had around 3 months of physio and acupuncture.  On a daily basis I was taking pain killers.  Rob Oliver talked to me about Bowen Therapy and SCENAR Treatment.  I finally took the time and had one SCENAR treatment in January this year.  The relief was almost immediate.  After my treatment I could stretch my arm above my head and reach parts of my back that I hadn't been able to for years, pain free. I can now do things I haven't been able to do for a long time.  I am just disappointed in myself for waiting so long to get something done about it

    Fiona Ormsby - Papatoetoe (January 2007)

    Neck stiffness, high blood pressure (ENAR therapy) 

    Over the course of three weeks (twice weekly) I had ENAR treatment from Rob Oliver for high blood pressure. A stiff neck and a large, very hard lump at the base of my neck vertebrae (at the back) also were causing me concern. Even after a couple of treatments, the stiffness had gone and the lump was getting smaller and was “spongy”. I noticed increased circulation and warmth around the treated areas.
    After three weeks, my blood pressure had gone from 160/110 down to 120/80.                                                                                

    John Mackle - Waiuku (Dec/Jan, 2004/5)

    Shoulder and arm (Bowen therapy)

    After preparing to enter a 65 km bike ride I was very upset to find the day before I felt queasy, my shoulder and arm ached and that I was completely out of sorts. I rang Rob that morning to see if he could possibly help as I was also feeling very upset and frustrated that I might not be able to achieve this goal of competing in the 65km’s. Rob was very happy to try using the ENAR machine to see if this would help. In this case it didn’t work. I actually seemed to feel worse. Rob offered to try Bowen therapyon me (this has always worked well in the past). He was not sure how it would go with me wanting to ride such a long race the next day. I did not think I could feel much worse so was keen for him to try. I came away feeling quite a lot better than when I had arrived. For the rest of the day I had lots of aching sensations particularly in my left arm. I also felt totally drained so had a very quiet day. I was curious and hopeful about what the morning would bring.
    Sunday arrived and I felt GREAT!!!! Everything had settled down. I went along to the race and felt fine. I managed to complete it with no undue aches and pains. I was also a bit nervous about how I would feel the next day but had no need to. I was fine if not on a bit of a high for managing to complete the ride ……….                                          

    Judi - Waiuku (May 2006)

    Neck Pain (Bowen therapy)

    I woke one Saturday morning with an uncomfortable stiff neck which worsened as the day wore on. Sunday morning I had difficulty lifting my head off the pillow. I endured the misery, wishing the doctors were on duty. Came mid-afternoon, I found Rob’s advertisement and rang him. He saw me at once and treated me using Bowen therapy. Things felt quite a bit better immediately after the treatment, however Rob warned me that sometimes things flare up again after a treatment before they get better. This proved correct in my case and an uncomfortable couple of days followed. Then my neck felt much better and 18 months on I have had no repeat problems…..                                   

    Jack Lawrence - Waiuku (29/4/06)

  • Arm Problems

    Chronic Hand Pain (ENAR therapy)

    I’m a spray painter and use different spray guns for my job which has caused an inflammation and pain in the muscle between my thumb and forefinger. Some times I have a numb feeling at my fingertips. I spent plenty of time and money at the doctors but the only remedy they had were pills and a change of job. It wasn’t till I had a very sore back and went to Rob Oliver for Bowen therapy which works a treat for me. I mentioned my sore hand to Rob and he tried out his new machine (ENAR) which sent an electric pulse to the sore part of the hand and shocked the nerves back into action. After four treatments on my hand I haven’t had the problem again and that was seven months ago. I still have the swollen look but no pain. �                                            

    Roger Farley - Otaua (20/10/05)

    Hand Injury – Thumb (ENAR therapy)

    I slipped going down some wet backdoor steps and put out my right hand to break my fall, but instead the palm of my hand, around the thumb, hit the corner of the hand rail. This caused severe pain whenever I tried to use my thumb. I had to use my left hand to start and stop my car as any pressure on the thumb was painful. No longer able to live with the pain and disability, I went to see Rob Oliver who gave me a 15 minute ENARtreatment. By dinner time all pain had gone and I had full mobility and manipulative dexterity of my thumb.       

    John Mackle - Waiuku (7/1/05)

    Painful Joints – wrists, hands, ankles, feet (Bowen therapy)

    ….. so the onset in 2003 of a painful condition affecting the limb joints, came as a severe shock to my self-esteem, quite apart from anything else. I adopted at once a firm line of determined self-reliance, supported by painkillers and an old walking-stick of my father’s.
    However, as the months progressed, so the problem gradually grew more widespread, as my wrists, thumbs and fingers, knees, ankles and toes became, in turn, regions of considerable pain, often lasting several days at a time. My initial treatment, on January 17 (2004) was followed by 10 more, most of these at weekly intervals. The logbook reveals no regular or predictable pattern of progress, however. In fact, there were ups and downs all the way. A varied range of recorded entries includes the following:
    “A completely trouble free week”; “excessive post-treatment tiredness”; “an energetic week”; “a flare-up of pain in the right hand”; “a good pain-free week with high morale”.
    Then came the triumphant turning-point. Just short of Easter, a totally clean sheet, without problems, over three whole weeks. Since then, several months have passed. I have not needed to go back to Rob again during that time. It would, of course, be unduly optimistic to suppose there will be no re-appearance of the old trouble. …

    Robin Aitken - Waiuku (3/8/04)

  • Upper Back and Chest Problems

    Chest pains and “Pleurisy” (Bowen & ENAR therapy)

    I was diagnosed with “pleurisy” last winter and had been feeling terribly ill for nearly two weeks. I had had days and days of coughing with this and had developed an extremely sharp gripping pain in a spot just below my ribcage especially when I coughed or breathed deeply.
    The doctor recommended I have physiotherapy to help ease the pain. This was when I decided to ring Rob Oliver to see if Bowen therapy would be of any help to me. Rob was prepared to give it a go. He used ENARtherapy on the painful spot and a wider region which almost instantly gave me relief. Rob also used Bowen therapy to help the muscles in my chest and between my ribs and diaphragm.
    I came away feeling so much better.
    Although I was still quite run down and it took many weeks after that before I felt back to normal the pain when I coughed and the aches in my body had disappeared after my treatment                   

    Judi - Waiuku (April, 06)

  • Lower back, pelvis and hip problems

    Severe lower back pain (Bowen & ENAR therapy) 

    I have suffered periods of extreme, incapacitating back pain about once a year, for many years. The pattern has been much the same each time. Within two or three minutes of getting up in the morning I would feel a twinge in my back. Then, with the next few movements, I would suddenly find I could not straighten up again. It was always very painful and would take 7 to 10 days to come right. Generally, I would try to cope using hot baths, a bit of massage and stretching. 
    In January 2005 I was suffering a particularly painful episode and decided to try Bowen therapy (Rob Oliver). It was so bad that I had to use two walking sticks to shuffle slowly up to Rob’s treatment room and, to begin with, I could not straighten out enough to lie down on the treatment table.

    Rob’s treatment started with the ENAR machine and then a sequence of Bowen therapy, once I managed to get on to the table. The treatment was unbelievably successful. I was able to get up off the table and stand up straight immediately. I walked out without using the sticks.
    I had a second treatment one week later to reinforce the effects of the first. Eighteen months later and the problem still has not re-occurred.

    Mary Misa – Waiuku (June, 2006)

    Severe Lower Back Pain (Bowen &, ENAR therapy)

    It was years ago when I hurt my back in a horse riding accident. All these years I have simply put up with a bad back thinking all had been done to fix it. Just recently I had yet another fall and this time I had really given my old back a belting. I could not stand up straight and walked all bent over. Sleeping at night was impossible. The first avenue for help was naturally the doctor or physiotherapist. Neither could help and I needed instant relief fast. No painkillers worked. Fortunately, a friend ……..said to me how Bowen therapy had done wonders for him …… We phoned Rob and soon had an appointment. I received excellent help and advice from Rob. …….
    Luckily Rob had this ENAR machine that he used on my back to begin with cause I was too doubled over with pain for him to complete a full Bowen therapy session properly. My back has never been better andBowen combined with ENAR therapy has really worked for me.

    Bill Barlow - Glenbrook (25/1/05)

    (Nine treatments were necessary to get Bill’s back up to what he described as “never being better”. That was quite a few more treatments than are needed for most back problems, but Bill says his back is still great, 18 months now since those treatments. – Rob Oliver)

  • Leg problems

    Leg pain (Bowen therapy)

    I had pain all the way down my left leg for 8 years. I had been to the Dr’s many times and just been given pain tablets.
    I was talked into going to Rob and in just the first visit I got total pain relief. I was astounded: the first time in 8 years I had a wonderful night sleep. 
    This was approx. 3 months ago and I am still totally pain free. My only regret is that it took me so long to go to him.                             

    Joanne – Waiuku (February, 2007)

    Calf muscle pain (Bowen therapy, Emmett technique)

    While playing badminton earlier this year, I went for an overhead shot and felt intense pain in my left calf. It was like being hit hard in the muscle with a piece of timber, and an electric shock going through it at the same time. I had a period of physio. treatment and had to take a long period of time for recovery. I hobbled around at first, putting virtually no weight on the leg. It was a few weeks before I was able to walk around OK, and I finally began light jogging and playing games with the students after 2 – 3 months (I am a secondary school teacher of Physical Education and Maths). The problem was that I then began to feel little niggles in my calf muscle, very similar to how I had been getting them before the game of Badminton. Things deteriorated to where I was avoiding a range of fitness activities in case the original injury returned.
    I talked with Rob Oliver about it and as a result, decided to give ENARtherapy and Emmett technique a try. I noticed an immediate improvement, with the muscle much more relaxed. I have had three treatments altogether and feel that the muscle is improving all the time. I am now confidently getting back into a regular programme of jogging and things are going well.                                                            

    Ivan Grbin – Pukeoware (July, 2006)

  • Babies

    Baby suffering upset tummies and out of character grizzling
    (Bowen therapy) - a phone message.

    Hi Rob - It’s Michelle here. I brought my little five months old Georgia in to see you yesterday, and I don’t know what you’ve done but you’ve worked a miracle because she’s absolutely a changed baby – she slept all last night and she’s no more whimpering, or crying, or upset stomachs and she’s just back to her old, normal, happy and contented self. Thank you so much and we’ll be in touch.                                                                   

    Michelle – Waiuku  (2-4-2009)

    Baby with colic (Bowen therapy)

    My granddaughter Dhylen, was very colicky by her third day - vomiting, knees drawn tightly against her, crying, very unsettled. Parents starting to pull their hair out as they weren't getting much sleep. I rang Rob and he managed to make a home visit (also to meet his new great niece!) As the therapy (Bowen) was given you could see her start to relax and finally she was able to burp well and her legs now straightened and stayed down while she was cuddled.  A second follow-up treatment was given when she was just over a week old and that ended her bouts of colic.                            

    Lurline – Waiuku  (8-1-2007)

    Baby with colic (Bowen Therapy)

    My daughter was born in early October 2006 following a full labour and subsequent emergency c-section delivery. In utero she was quite 'squashed' and at 3 weeks old was diagnosed with colic. Our GP suggested we use gripe water, and spend a great deal of time after feeds winding. Bethany had major problems bringing up wind, as well as being a very spilly baby. My midwife suggested Bowen therapy could be helpful in aiding her digestive system, and assisting in reducing colic. We saw Rob towards the end of October 2006, and the results have been fantastic. During the treatment, Bethany brought up wind, and immediately after had a bowel movement. Prior to the treatment, Bethany cried frequently with a stomach ache after most feeds. A couple of days after treatment, we were able to throw out the gripe water, and haven't looked back since. Bethany now winds with ease, we simply sit her up after a feed and she winds comfortably. She is now 3 months old, and we haven't needed any more treatments - she is no longer a 'screamy' baby, and settles much easier.                  

    Stacey Mahoney – Mercer (October, 2006)

  • Sports Related Problems

  • Other problems

    Extreme lack of muscle strength affecting movement, severe breathing difficulty & other health issues (SCENAR therapy)

    This is a testimony to the capabilities of Rob Oliver whose Clinic I have had the fortune to attend for over a year now. He had treated my daughter for whiplash, with instant results, so I went along to have my muscle problems attended to.

    I have had diagnosed a slight dystrophic muscular condition at AucklandHospital – with no follow up after a 1 ½ hour muscle biopsy. No strength from knees to waist. I have not run at all since about 1988-89. I slip on any smooth surface and had no feelings in my thighs.

    Since Rob has used SCENAR treating my entire body – my energy levels are noticeably higher, I have managed to run a few steps – sometimes up to six or seven, and my circulation is dramatically improved. I can now walk up my very steep driveway and hill top with considerably more strength.

    I think the most dramatic I have had with SCENAR is when I could hardly breathe due to a lung infection – I have Emphysema. I went to the Medical centre and was on a nebuliser, which worked for the ten minutes I was on it, but not when off it. The SCENAR worked within a few minutes and I could breathe normally again with no relapse.

    I recently had a lung function test done at Manurewa Super Clinic – I am Alpha Antitrysin 22 – worst scenario for Emphysema. My lung function was “surprisingly good” – and this after hospitalisation for a lung infection. I firmly believe SCENAR is responsible for my lung improvement.

    Nearly forgot!! He fixed my sway back – straight now, and emptying the bladder is now a lot simpler.

    I find the combination of SCENAR and Rob’s empathetic holistic approach very healing and optimistic. I recommend his skills to anyone seeking an alternative and also supportive therapy.

    As a postscript, I would add that as a victim of domestic violence that caused the initial leg/back damage, having Rob as a major healing influence as a “man” is another facet that aids in the healing.

    M Goodison – Waiuku (July 2009)

    Bedwetting (SCENAR therapy)

    My son, aged 14 years, suffered a relapse to regular bedwetting as a result of the onset of Type One Diabetes at age 10.  After various efforts to help overcome this problem, he was given the opportunity of an appointment with Mr Rob Oliver. Reduction in the occurrence of bedwetting was immediate following the initial appointment where SCENAR Therapy was administered.

    After 3 sessions over a fortnight we have been delighted with progress made towards a cure of bedwetting. In the two months since the treatment, my son has improved from nightly bedwetting to a lapse once or twice in a fortnight. Lapses have most often been associated with stress, and the severity of the lapse has diminished significantly as well. Naturally, self confidence and self esteem have benefited tremendously and my son now anticipates being free of this condition. 

    B.H. – (21-12-2008)

    Healing of a broken collar bone (Bowen therapy)

    It was a worrying time when I broke my left collarbone. Follow up X-rays showed the bone was not healing, even though I was having three physiotherapy sessions per week.
    I had X-rays every month for 3 months and the specialist said I would need to have a pin and a bone graft from my hip if the next set of X-rays, in 5 weeks time, showed the bone still was not mending.
    Rob Oliver had recently completed some training in Smart Bowen therapy and after almost 4 months without much improvement I was willing to try anything. I also believed it would promote bone growth by improving the circulation of blood into that region. I decided to stop the physiotherapy (since it wasn’t working anyway) for a few weeks and give Bowen therapy a try.
    I could feel a definite difference in my shoulder after the second treatment. It felt more comfortable and this was encouraging. I continued having one treatment a week for six weeks and things felt better and better during that time. Then I had to miss a treatment and the muscles had tightened up again around the shoulder blade when I went back for the seventh treatment. Things were good again after that treatment. 
    I had five treatments in total before it was time for the next X-rays. It was a great relief to find that the bone had made good progress, was healing well and nothing else would need to be done. The specialist was very impressed, and so was I. I continued having Bowen treatment with Rob and the bone kept feeling stronger and stronger. It took another month for me to be able to even go for a swim but the healing process had started and I was on my way to recovery ……...                      

    Maria Lamberto - Auckland, NZ (October - December, 2002)